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View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

Maps at Georgetown University

About this Page

The map collection depicting areas in Western Europe has been divided by country. There is a high concentration of maps for the areas of France, Germany, Italy, and United Kingdom, which have their own sections on this page.

Example of historical map of Europe

[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Maps depicting locations in Western Europe


  • Grundrifs der Stadt Wien (city of Vienna) Location: Book-Individual Maps


  • Brussels Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A10
  • Ostend (map in French) Location: Menke-Small33 Ostend
  • Plan of Dieppe with the new fortifications and projected works Location: Menke-Small87 Dieppe
  • Prima Pars Brabantiae cuius caput Lovanium Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A35
  • Plan de la Place d'Anvers et de ses environs [Plan Square of Antwerp and its surroundings] Location: Menke-Small86 Antwerp


  • Constantinople (map in Italian) Location: Menke-Small39 Constantinople
  • Plan of Constantinople and its suburbs Location: Menke-Small99 Constantinople


  • Isle et duche de rugen [Isle of Rugen duchy] Location: Menke-Small31 Rugen, Germany



  • Dublin Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A38
  • Ireland Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A38
  • Ireland: from the best authorities Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • Map of Dublin and Dublin Bay (Ireland) Location: Menke-Large Box 2First single map in box


  • Hague Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A8
  • Afbeelding van de stad Bon en derzeber Belegeringe in den jare [Image of the City and Bon derzeber Siege in the year] Location: Menke-Small83 Bonn
  • Afbeelding van de stad Keizerswaert en derzeber Belegeringe in den jare [Image of the City and Imperial Waert derzeber Siege in the year] Location: Menke-Small84 Kaizerswaert

Norway, Sweden, & Denmark

Spain & Portugal

  • Maedera Location: Menke-Small98 Maedera



  • Canton du Valais Location: Menke-Small43 Valais 1832
  • Carte der Schweiz Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • Geneva Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A15

Multiple Areas

  • Holland Location: Menke-Large Box 2Folder-World

Maps depicting areas in Italy

  • Ancient Italy Part III, and Sicily Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • Carta geografica della Stato Veneto in Italia [Map of the Venetian State in Italy] Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A35
  • Charte von der Insel Elba und der Kuste des Furfthenthums Piombino nach Bacler Dalbe entworgen Location: Menke-Small30 Isle of Elloa 1814
  • Ciuitas Augustana olim Vindelica, hodie Rhetica, toto orbe terrarum notissima Location: Menke-Large Box 2In plastic
  • Florence Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A35
  • Italia Antiqua Location: Menke-Small68 Roman (Classical) Italy 1796
  • Italy, with the Islands of Sicily, Sardinia, & Corsica, drawn from the best authorities Location: Menke-Small67 Italy
  • L'Italie des Alpes à Naples :manuel abrégé du voyageur (in French) Location: Baedeker
  • Map of Italy Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • Palermo (map in Italian) Location: Menke-Small38 Palermo
  • Turin (map in Italian Location: Menke-Small35 Turin
  • Venice (map in Italian) Location: Menke-Small36 Venice
  • Verona (map in Italian) Location: Menke-Small37 Verona
  • Warhaffter und eigentlicher Abriffe und Grundlegung (map of Rome) Location: Menke-Large Box 2In plastic

Maps depicting areas in France

  • Appendice du Guide A Paris (in French) Location: Baedeker


Maps depicting areas in the United Kingdom

Maps depicting areas in Germany

  • Geographical and Statistical Map of Germany. Map of Germany Divided According to the Treaty of Paris, and the Acts of the Congress of Vienna: Indicating the Places Rendered Celebrated by Sieges and Battles, Intended for the Elucidation of Lavoise's Historical Atlas by E. Paguenaud Location: Menke-Large Box 2Folder within unidentified folder

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