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View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

Maps at Georgetown University

Example of Antique Map of Asia

[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Maps depicting areas in Asia

Carte des costes de Cochinchine Tunquin et partie de celles de la Chine [Map of the coasts of Cochin China and Tonquin part of those of China] Location: Menke-Small 28 Cochinchine + Tunquin (Vietnam, China)

China divided into its great provinces according to the best authorities Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A13

Konstantinopel, Balkanstaaten, Kleinasien Archipel, Cypern; Handbuch für Reisende (in German) Location: Baedeker

An accurate map of Hindostan or India according to the best authorities Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A13

Indien: Handbuch fur reisende (in German) Location: Baedeker

Plan de Pondicheri en 1741 Location: Menke-Small 80 Pondicheri in 1741

Plan the East & West India Docks Location: Menke-Small 59 London East+West India Docks…

A plan of the city of Batavia Location: Menke-Small 77 Batavia

A new plan of Jerusalem in which some attempt is made to reconcile… Location: Menke-Small 70 Jerusalem

The Antient City of Jerusalem and Places adjacent Location: Menke-Small 69 Jerusalem

The land of Moriah or Jerusalem and the adjacent country Location: Menke-Small 71 Jerusalem 1833

Hierosolymorum  Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A13

Plan de la ville et forteresse de Malaca : pour servir à l'Histoire generale des voyages [Map of the city and fortress of Malacca: to serve the general history of travel.] Location: Menke-Small 81 Malaca

Maps of Robinson's Researches in Palestine/ Four maps to accompany the biblical researches in Palestine of E. Robinson and E. Smith Location: Book-Individual Maps

Persia, with part of the Ottoman Empire Location: Book-Individual Maps

The Eastern part of the Ancient Persian Empire Location: Book-Individual Maps

Plan de la ville de Siam capitale du royaume de ce nom Location: Menke-Small 79 Bangkok Thailand

Asia according to the best authorities Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A13

Plan d'une partie de l'Ile de Maouna Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A40

Maps depicting parts of Asia & Africa

Turkey, Arabia, Persia, Hindostan, Afghanistan &c., Egypt, Nubia, Abyssinia &c. Location: Menke-Small 51 Turkey, Arabia, et al

A plan of the town and fortress of Gariah, belonging to Angria, the Admiral to the Sahou Rajah, on the coast of Mallabar Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A12

Geographical and historical maps, illustrative of sacred history Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A40

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