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View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

Maps at Georgetown University

About this Page

This collection contains maps in several languages, and the lists on this page detail the maps in languages other than English. There is a concentration of French and German maps, as well as maps in Italian, Dutch, and Latin.


  • Afbeelding van de stad Bon en derzeber Belegeringe in den jare [Image of the City and Bon derzeber Siege in the year] (1702); Location: Menke-Small maps & city plans
  • Afbeelding van de stad Keizerswaert en derzeber Belegeringe in den jare [Image of the City and Imperial Waert derzeber Siege in the year] (1703); Location: Menke-Small maps & city plans


  • Carta geografica della Stato Veneto in Italia [Map of the Venetian State in Italy] (n.d.); Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A35
  • Ciuitas Augustana olim Vindelica, hodie Rhetica, toto orbe terrarum notissima (1550); Location: Menke-Large Box 2In plastic
  • Constantinople (map in Italian) (n.d.);   Location: Menke-Small39 Constantinople
  • Palermo (map in Italian) (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small38 Palermo
  • Turin (map in Italian (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small35 Turin
  • Venice (map in Italian) (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small36 Venice
  • Verona (map in Italian) (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small37 Verona


  • Cantvaria : vrbs fertilissimae Angliae celebris; Archiepiscopati sede, commendata = Cantvarbvry (n.d.); Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A35
  • Discus chronologicus: regum utriusque siciliae et du cum {Chronological volvelle table showing the Sicilian rulers from the year 0 until 1730} (n.d.); Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A3
  • Prima Pars Brabantiae cuius caput Lovanium (n.d.); Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A35


  • Appendice du Guide A Paris (in French) (1911); Location: Baedeker
  • Caen, dans la Basse Normandie (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small73 Caen, France
  • Canton du Valais (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small43 Valais 1832?
  • Carte de lisle de la Barbade [Map of isle of Barbados] (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small14 Barbados ca. 1760?
  • Carte des pays voisins des riv. de Sanaga et Gambra [Map of countries neighboring derivatives. Sanaga and Gambra] (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small56 Senegal
  • Carte dune partie de la coste dAfrique depuis Tanit jusqua la riviere du Senegal (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small57 Mauritania/Senegal
  • Isle et duche de rugen [Isle of Rugen duchy] (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small31 Rugen, Germany
  • L'isle de Re (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small32 Isle de Re, 1748 France
  • L'Italie des Alpes à Naples: manuel abrégé du voyageur (in French) (1909); Location: Baedeker
  • Le nord - ouest de la France de la fronti'ere Belge a la Loire excepté Paris (in French) (1914, reprinted in 1919);   Location: Baedeker
  • Mavretania et Nvmidia (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small44 Mavretania + Nvmidia
  • Mayence (Mainz) (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small34 Mainz
  • Onder Philips II. Gouvernerende Parma, ende den Grave van Licefter (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small85 Bonn
  • Ostend (map in French) (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small33 Ostend
  • Paris (map in French) (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small66 Paris
  • Plan de la Place d'Anvers et de ses environs [Plan Square of Antwerp and its surroundings] (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small86 Antwerp
  • Plan de Paris (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small88 Paris with monuments
  • Plan of Dieppe with the new fortifications and projected works (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small87 Dieppe
  • Plan scenographique de la cite des rois ou lima capitale du Royaume de Perou [Map of the scenic city of kings or capital of the Kingdom of Lima Peru] (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small76 Lima, Peru
  • Vues de l'Amerique du nord (n.d.);   Location: Menke-Large Box 2Folder-America


  • Ægypti delta et Nili ostia (n.d.);   Location: Menke-Small55 Nile River Delta 1764?
  • Boston und seine Umgebungen [Boston and its surroundings] (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small2 Boston, MA
  • Carte der Schweiz (1833); Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • Charte von der Insel Elba und der Kuste des Furfthenthums Piombino nach Bacler Dalbe entworgen (1814); Location: Menke-Small30 Isle of Elloa 1814
  • Das Mittelmeer. Hafenplätze und Seewege. Nebst Madeira, den Kanarischen Inseln, der Küste Marokkos, Algerien und Tunesien; Handbuch für reisende (in German) (1909); Location: Baedeker
  • Der Gantze Welt Krets in Seinen Zwen Grossen Begriffen…(n.d.); Location: Menke-Small64 The World
  • Der Gantze Welt Krets in Seinen Zwen Grossen Begriffen…(n.d.); Location: Menke-Small65 The World
  • Erpach Comitatus (n.d.); Location: Menke-Large Box 2Folder-World
  • Grundrifs der Stadt Wien (city of Vienna) (1812); Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • Grundrifs von Washington [Floor plan of Washington] (1800); Location: Menke-Small96 Washington DC 1800?
  • Ichnographia Antverpiæ (n.d.); Location: Menke-Large Box 2Folder-World
  • Louisiana (map in German) (n.d.);   Location: Menke-Small29 Louisiana
  • Nassovia comitatus (n.d.); Location: Menke-Large Box 2Folder-World
  • Neue Charte von S. Domingo : entworfen von Leyritz, Levassor und Bourjolly Colonisten (1804); Location: Menke-Large Box 2Folder-America
  • Plan der Groshzl. Residenz Stadt Weimar, nach den neuen Bezircken eintetheilt [Plan Grosholz. Residence of Weimar...] (n.d.); Location: Menke-Small42 Weimar
  • Vereinigte staaten: Plan der Bai von New York (n.d.); Location: Menke-Large Box 2Folder-New York
  • Warhaffter und eigentlicher Abriffe und Grundlegung (map of Rome) (n.d.); Location: Menke-Large Box 2In plastic

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