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View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

Physics: Articles & Databases

A guide to research resources for physics

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What Is a Database?

The Library databases listed here are collections of journal articles searchable by author, title, keywords, subject indexing terms, and sometimes every word in the articles.  They may contain or link to the full text of the articles, or they may only contain abstracts of the articles.

TIP: Many times a keyword search will give sufficient results.  If not, look at a few relevant article titles, abstracts, and keywords or descriptors.  They often suggest other good words to use in your search.  Also look for "Find more like this" options in the database (although not all databases offer this).

Key Databases for Physics

A Word About Google Scholar

Google Scholar doesn't provide a list of the journals it includes, so one is never clear as to what is being searched.  But the ranking function is great and may get you what you need.  The articles that have been cited most often in the bibliographies of other articles come up first.  This can be helpful in identifying key articles on a topic, but note the year of publication.  Older articles have had more time to garner citatiions. 

Be sure to set your Scholar Preferences/Library Links for Georgetown.  Watch a short video for more information.

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