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BIOL 103: Foundations of Biology

A course guide for biology students participating in the Engelhard Project: Connecting Life and Learning

Web Resources Relevant to the Engelhard Project

Use Google Scholar Effectively

Google Scholar Search

Change your settings to make sure Google recognizes you as a Georgetown student. This can help you find the full text of relevant articles more easily. Click on Settings (gear icon). Next, click on Library Links on the left. Type Georgetown and then check the appropriate boxes. Click Save.

Note: Google Scholar doesn't provide a list of the journals it includes, so one is never clear as to what is being searched. But the ranking function is great and may get you what you need. The articles that have been cited most often in the bibliographies of other articles come up first.  This can be helpful in identifying key articles on a topic, but note the year of publication. Older articles have had more time to garner citations and may come up first.

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