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Campaign for Vaccine Acceptance

Campaign for Vaccine Acceptance

This guide contains both searchable and specific resources that focus on vaccine acceptance in the United States. Since this topic has multiple layers/contexts and is evolving daily, keep in mind the following concepts to help you evaluate the information you find. 

  • Current vs Historical - How has current information changed? Have key events taken place that makes this information out of date? What can we learn from historical debates around vaccine acceptance and vaccine testing? 
  • Author - Who is creating this information? Does their background or credentials lend credibility to their arguments? 
  • News vs Research-Based information - What source type are you using? Is this primary research or reporting? Does the source you are using match the argument you are trying to make?
  • Polling - Where is this polling coming from? Who is in the sample population? How does this polling compare with previous polls? Are there any visible trends?

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Search Tips

While this guide lists some possible resources to use, there are a number databases in this guide that require searching. Here are some helpful keywords:

  • vaccine acceptance
  • vaccine hesitancy
  • vaccine confidence
  • vaccine skeptic
  • anti-vax
  • COVID-19 vaccine

Remember to use quotations "" for specific phrases and to also use * to truncate words. For example, search hesitan* will give results for both hesitant and hesitancy. 

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