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View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

BADM 560: Firm Analysis & Strategy: Home

Professors Macher, Miller, Rider, & Sampson



Groups complete an integrative, capstone final project that enables in-depth and systematic application of course content. This project represents thirty (30) percent of the course grade.

Each group will be assigned a publicly-traded company (i.e., your client).  Your group must draw upon all you have learned in BADM 560 to thoroughly evaluate your client’s industry, key markets, competitive position, and resources and capabilities. Your group will then formulate a single, detailed strategic recommendation for your client that is supported by extensive analysis, clear arguments, and financial projections. The objective of your group’s strategic recommendation is to position your client to create a sustainable competitive advantage over rivals in value creation and capture.

To ensure that all groups meet expectations for this final project, intermediate assignments will be completed and submitted for feedback during the second module. Specifically, each group will prepare (a) an analysis of the client’s primary industry and (b) an analysis of relative value created and captured by the client and its primary rival. These assignments will be included as appendices in the final project deliverable. Professors will also meet with each group in November 2017 for a final project consultation.

The final deliverable will consist of (a) a three (3) page, single-spaced summary report for the client’s senior executive team and (b) a 10-minute oral, in-class presentation that persuasively delivers the strategic recommendation. Professors and classmates will provide feedback on the presentation; professors will provide feedback on the report. More details will be discussed in class.


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