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View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

MGT 201-02: Management and Organizational Behavior (Holtom): Home

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

1.   understand the factors that influence behavior in organizations,

2.   apply behavioral theory to organizational settings,

3.   diagnose human resource issues in organizations through the process of observation, interpretation, and analysis of contributing factors, and

4.   communicate theoretically sound, yet practical, recommendations in a persuasive and timely manner.

In groups of 3-4 people you will be required to analyze management activities at Enterprise Rent A Car. This analysis will be comprehensive in that it will require you to integrate material from nearly all the topic areas that we cover in this course. You may choose your groups and may delegate roles and responsibilities within your group any way you deem appropriate. However, I highly recommend that you work at it consistently throughout the semester, perhaps writing sections as we cover a given topic area. Endnotes should be used to document all sources. Please use size 12 fonts, 1” margins and double space. The analysis should be no longer than 5 pages plus 3 pages of exhibits.

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